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Day 1. on 6/3-24:

Travel day. We arrive late, are picked up at the airport and spend the night at a hotel in Kigali.


Day 2. on 7/3 - 24:

Introduction to the seminar. We set the experiences in motion and meet people from the umbrella organization IBUKA. We need to hear Rwandans talk about why and how the peace project was launched and how people come together to reconcile and how they work for peace within themselves and in their country. We eat dinner, talk about the day's experiences, reflect and meditate.


Day 3. on 8/3-24:

The morning is spent with joint reflection, conversations and meditation. In the afternoon we visit Genocide (genocide in 1994)  The museum in Kigali. Afterwards we meet for reflection and energy work with "walking meditation". In the evening we experience a cultural event.


Day 4. on 9/3-24:

Tour of Kigali, see a local market.

We find "spots" and do energy work. The day is also for reflection and relaxation.

Day 5. on 10/3-24:

We attend a church service at 10-13. We talk to locals, have lunch nearby and experience Kigali.


Day 6on 11/3-24:

We pack our suitcase and drive out into the countryside to Rwamagana. Natural and cultural experiences await here, and we will also drive past Peruth's mother's house and fields.  A local will introduce us to the tradition GACACA = reconciliation in process. We spend the night at a hotel in Rwamagana.


Day 7. on 12/3-24:

We drive out and see the beautiful nature and visit people who work with Rwandan art. Annette, who is one of our guides, will lead the topic "redemption through art". We get clay in our hands and form it. We eat dinner, talk about the day's experiences and meditate under the stars.


Day 8. on 13/3-24:

We have to get up early and go on safari in Akagera National Park. We enjoy an adventurous day, feel mother earth and the many fascinating animals on the savannah.


Day 9. on 14/3-24:

We drive back to Kigali and check into the hotel. We use the afternoon to meet people from the peace project "Never Again". Which often facilitates international seminars and workshops on peace processes. We eat dinner, talk about the day's experiences, reflect and meditate on peace.


Day 10. on 15/3-24:

Today's theme is "Tea and forgiveness". We are going out to the "Fuda tea factory/plantation", which is located in the countryside and up in the heights. We do energy work, pick tea, make tea and drink tea. We focus on peace within ourselves.


Day 11. on 16/3-24:

We use the morning to round up the seminar. We spend time together or on our own in Kigali's exciting markets before heading home. We have our feet on Danish soil again on 17 March in the early morning.

Seminar and experience programme


Every day at the seminar:

Annette begins every morning with "The Five Tibetans". You're welcome.


Afterwards there is breakfast.


After breakfast we will prepare

us to "seize the day" and talk about today's programme. Here, joint guidance is given to meet the experiences with an open heart/an open and clear consciousness.


When we meet, late afternoon/evening, we will

share today's experiences and reflections. We

plan day by day regarding time and intention for meditation and energy work.

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