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a human right for everyone in the world  

IHUZA is an association with a desire for a better world.

With reference to UN, p17 sustainable development goals 2030, there is a huge need to stand together and work hand in hand so that the weak and less privileged get the right help for a better future. All 17 goals call for action, but here Ihuza will mainly focus on doing something about the first 5 goals, i.e. poverty, hunger, health and well-being as well as quality in education. 

The board of Ihuza is composed of people who have in-depth knowledge of Rwanda.

Peruth was born in Rwanda and grew up in both Rwanda and Uganda. The first years of schooling took place here, as well as a youth characterized by limitations in the daily development of children and young people. Likewise, through repeated visits to Rwanda, she has experienced the many challenges the population still struggles with, despite the fact that there has now been peace in the country for many years. We have contacts and support in the country and Peruth understands and speaks the local language. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in establishing good relationships based on her work as a teacher and with a master's degree in health education and health promotion. 

Torkild is experienced as a business owner, is technically gifted with a broad knowledge of IT, tools. As an entrepreneur, he thus understands what companies need and which measures could suit your needs. 

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