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What Rwanda can also offer ..

Rwanda as a country is beautiful with many hills. It is called "land of 1000 hills". The country is lush everywhere with both forests, rivers and lakes. The population is Rwandan and shares a common history as a newly developing country after many years of strife. There is thus a majority of young and middle-aged people. The country's population closely follows the development of the global media, almost all adults use mobile phone technology. Internet and the use of technological possibilities are well developed in the country, thus everyone is familiar with mobile and money transactions. 

It is easy to get around both the capital Kigali and other parts of the country. There are options for transport by bus, taxi, small motorbikes and private drivers in a rented car. 

There is peace in the country and corruption is the lowest on the African continent. A 2022 study by "Usebounce" has ranked Rwanda as the 6th safest country in the world for solo travelers. Of course, there is enrichment crime like in other countries, so you are advised to take good care of your things. That being said, you will encounter friendliness and helpfulness everywhere. The people of Rwanda are hospitable, polite and curious about the outside world with a desire to get to know others.  

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You can buy a Visa on arrival in Rwanda. It requires that there is at least 6 months of validity left on your passport and that you can document that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever
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