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Creating jobs in Africa
Africa, as a continent, is large and, according to the UN, the population growth in 2050 will be twice what it is today. There is thus great opportunity for labor and thereby good earnings for you and your company. By investing in Rwanda, you are helping to enable people to support themselves and get out of poverty. "One should not give the man fish, but teach him to fish"

The workforce is large, both now and in the future. 
2021 figures show age distribution in Rwanda
39% are between 0 and 14 years old
58% are between 15 and 64 years old
3% are over 64 years old
Invest in Rwanda
Investing in Rwanda is easy and according to the government, anyone with good intentions is welcome. As a foreign investor, you have the same opportunities as the locals. As an employer, you are not limited by heavy bureaucracy. Company structures are very flexible, you can hire and fire employees as needed. You can expect a different work culture where you have the right and mandate to shape your company. There is a general desire to help among the population at all levels. 
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