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Rwanda highway

We can...

Ihuza as your connection to Rwanda.

Ihuza's mission is to contribute in people meeting, exchanging knowledge and experiences and creating economic and social development for the benefit of the parties involved, hence fight inequality.

We take you all the way. We are well prepared to meet your wishes and interests, which like ours, ad value to you as an investor and at the same time ad benefit to the people of Rwanda.

We are your guide before, during and after your meeting with Rwanda.


Seminar in Kigali

In Rwanda there is an increasing opportunity to combine seminars, company meetings or conferences of any kind and scope, with nature experiences and authentic meetings with the population. Here there is an opportunity to learn from each other for the benefit of all.

Ihuza will thus facilitate and be your partner based on your requirements.


Support education in Rwanda

We all know the joy of seeing children playing and thriving. In order for this to be fulfilled, there are a number of fundamental things that must be in place, such as food, security and development. In order to develop as a citizen of the world, education and sustainable schooling are needed at all levels. We are passionate about supporting that, and  with your help, the support will go directly to the children and young people who need it most.  


Create business connections 

Rwanda has proven to the outside world that they can rise from the worst crisis and start a journey towards peace and prosperity. The population of the country work together on that process. Many international companies have established themselves in Rwanda and are doing well. Denmark and the other Nordic countries have know-how and expertise in many areas. By sharing this knowledge with Rwanda, it will not only benefit the country, but also you, your company and the world.

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