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The seminar 6 - 17 March 2024, ID no. RW240306

 WHAT DOES THE SEMINAR COST?: DKK 4,500 per person


- A program with fantastic and authentic experiences

- A seminar that is targeted at your personal development and that raises your awareness of reconciliation and forgiveness between people and in your own life going forward 

- Joint sessions where we prepare for the experiences of the trip and where we reflect, discuss reconciliation and peace and meditate together.

- Energy work in the nature of Africa. 

- We travel together with Peruth, who speaks the language and who puts us in contact with local Rwandans

- You meet local Rwandans who want to share their experiences and talk about their lives with reconciliation and forgiveness 

- Peruth helps with practical questions on the journey 



- Flight to and from Kigali (We offer that you can travel with us - and give you good advice on booking the trip)

- Accommodation at hotels in Kigali and in Rwamagana (We book your room and you pay directly to the hotel yourself. Price for accommodation in Kigali is: approx. DKK 635/night and in Rwamagana is approx. DKK 430/night). Hotel prices include breakfast & Airport transfer to and from hotel.

- Transport around to the various experiences (we are thinking of hiring a bus with a driver, so that we transport ourselves together from place to place). Expected price for the entire seminar period is: approx. DKK 995/person. You pay directly to the driver day by day. 

- Safari in Akagera National Park, entrance approx.: DKK 710. Participation is of course voluntary. 

- Other  entrance fees and small fees in total: approx. DKK 470/person.

- Food - We estimate the price to be approx. DKK 150 per day.

- Travel insurance, malaria prevention and travel vaccinations.


In connection with your registration, we will ask for some information from you so that we can order accommodation and transport on your behalf.

Visa, travel insurance, vaccinations and malaria medication are not included.

(The price may vary in relation to travel price etc., but we will keep the participants updated)

Rwanda art

Trip conditions:

Max. 12 participants (group of 15 including hosts):

  • Register by writing an e-mail to, write your full name and address and which seminar you want to register for (ID no. of the seminar)

  • You will subsequently be sent a registration form where you must answer some questions, when it is completed and returned you will:

  • Receive an invoice for the seminar you have registered for.

  • You are registered when the full amount has been paid and no later than 1 February 2024. Registration is binding.

  • In case of cancellation after 20 February, the course fee of DKK 4,500 will not be refunded.

The journey takes place at your own risk:

  • Travel insurance is obtained on your own initiative and paid for by the participant

  • Visas are purchased by the participant at the airport upon arrival in Kigali. The price for visas was 50 US dollars, subject to change.

  • The participant is responsible for recommended vaccinations and malaria medication.

  • When the "team is set" we hold a webinar where it is possible to "meet" each other, ask questions and make contributions to the group, the date of which will be announced later.

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